The Agile Lawyer | Mediator Interview Series

Thrive in your practice! Shift how you think, how you connect, and how you deliver to our clients.

What's in it for you?

We know there are numerous sources of theoretical information and educational programming destined to help lawyers and mediators develop their skills.

What we bring to you is a series of interviews based on factual, concrete experience and expertise from top (and we mean TOP) professionals in the dispute resolution field - the peacemakers and thought leaders of the industry.

This "virtual mentorship" program is designed to give you the freedom to learn from experts without being dependent on their schedules or limited by your own time constraints.

You gain access to the expertise of not one, but 12 specialists happy to share their experience with you, to help you shape your future so you avoid the mistakes they made and build upon their successes.


Grow your mindset

Practical techniques and methods for overcoming obstacles in your mindset and the mindset of others to achieve an efficient and effective dispute resolution process.


Be intentionally neutral

Actionable tips to make a shift in mindset from an ADVOCACY position to a NEUTRAL perspective.


Make the transition to online processes

A full understanding of what it means to deliver your services online (the wave of now and into the future) by preparing your clients for the online experience.


Prep your clients for resolution

Learn to maximize your clients’ experience in reaching resolution by gaining the latest in best practices to up your game and spring forward as an expert in online mediation (as an advocate or a mediator).

A sneak peek into the series

Click on the video below to watch a selection of subjects discussed during the interviews.

How does it work?

The Agile Lawyer | Mediator Interview Series is about interviewing professionals from all walks of law – some who are litigators, some are mediators, some who are coaches, and some who are not even lawyers.

We share insights and perspectives from people who've been there and done that, and what can we learn from some of the greats.

We will kick-off the program with the legendary Forrest (Woody) Mosten and inspirational, cutting edge Angela Reddock-Wright.

The series continues with a new guest speaker each month, so we ensure that you receive the best tools and solutions, directly from the top leaders in the field.

The program is designed as a monthly subscription (every 30 days) to provide a unique and novel approach to mentorship. If you feel that you are not receiving the value that you expect, you can cancel anytime you want, no strings attached.

Meet the host!

Dr. Debra Dupree

With nearly 30 years of experience, Dr. Dupree started applying mediation strategies to workplace disputes in 1994.

She was recognized by the Federal Executive Board (FEB), Los Angeles in 2005 as “Super Mediator of the Year” for her dedication and service to training federal employees in the art and science behind mediation.

Serving as Mentor Mediator for the U.S. Navy since 2000, she has trained hundreds of professionals in Employment Mediation. She also served as the Director of Training for the Mediation Training Institute, Inc. for five years, training professionals throughout North America, Hong Kong and Africa.Dr. D owns a doctoral degree in psychology and is an active educator and speaker at legal and business conferences throughout the world.

She was President of ADR-San Diego, National Co-chair | Editor for the Workplace Section of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) and now serves on the Southern California Mediation Association Board of Directors.

Meet our guests


Forrest (Woody) Mosten, Esq.

Attorney | Mediator | Author Adjunct Professor of Law @ UCLA School of Law | Co-founder of the Mosten Guthrie Academy


Angela Reddock-Wright, Esq.

Employment & Workplace MediatorArbitrator | Workplace & Title IX Investigator


John Grant, Esq.

Agile Coach to Legal Professionals and Their Teams


Susan Guthrie, Esq.

Founder & Principal at Learn to Mediate Online | Co-founder of the Mosten Guthrie Academy | Online Mediation Expert Keynote speaker


Harold Coleman Jr., Esq.

Founder & Principal at Senior Vice President & Mediator | Executive Director at AAA-ICDR-AAA


Louise Phipps Senft, Esq.

Keynote Speaker | Attorney Mediator

Executive Coach | Author


Bill Eddy, Esq.

Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of the High Conflict Institute in San Diego, California


Theo Cheng, Esq.

Arbitrator and Mediator

ADR Inn of Court President

Copyright Society Treasurer


Shawn Weber, Esq.

President and Lead Counsel @ Weber Dispute Resolution | President and Co-Founder of Family Resolution Institute


Neil Carmichael

Vice President @ American Arbitration Association


Gregg F. Relyea, Esq.

Attorney | Mediator

Owner of Mediation Offices of Gregg F. Relyea, Esq.


Daniel Shinoff, Esq.

Partner at Artiano Shinoff

The Agile Lawyer | Mediator Interview Series

The Interview Series Subscription is paid monthly (every 30 days). If you don't receive the value you expect, you can easily unsubscribe at any point!

Each Virtual Mentorship Experience includes

#1 Video/ Audio Recording

#2 Interview Transcript

#3 Custom Workbook for Each Interview

+ much more!

  • 3-minute overview video of highlights from Dr. D at the beginning of each interview.

  • A custom workbook for each guest interview to capture your thoughts and notes with key questions presented for learning, reflection and action-planning around each speaker's key learning points.

  • Watch (or listen to) the interviews at your own pace, interact with other subscribers and ask questions about the new information you learn - all in the same place!

  • If you'd rather read the information, the transcript is the perfect tool for you - you can add comments, highlight the ideas that are important for you and discuss the content with fellow subscribers.

Who is this series for?

This interview series is an efficient and comprehensive learning experience put together by experts for both new and experienced practitioners alike. Polish your skills and learn from the experience of lawyers, mediators and industry specialists. This series is for YOU if:

You are a mediator

that is just starting in the field of dispute resolution and want to polish your skills and learn from the experience of lawyers, mediators and industry specialists.

You have extensive litigator background

and are interested in what it takes to be a mediator.

You come from Human Resources

or behavioral science background and are interested in the transition into mediation.

You are a litigator

who wants to learn how to anticipate some of the challenges of mediation and how to prep your clients for the process.

You are a negotiator

mediator, advocate, arbitrator, or industry professional who wants to get a better grasp of the skills and mindset needed to deliver successful dispute resolution.

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