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One of the many gifts the team at Relationships at Work, Inc. brings to

organizations is how to lead consciously now in ways that involve both

the heart and brain.

I go looking for people in trouble. "Why?"`

One is that we have plenty of it today. Times are shaky and people need support and resources!

I’ve faced my own hardships: closing down a business in the 1990’s, helping employees find new jobs, major loss of contracts, financial devastation from 2008, subsequent short sale of my house, starting all over while raising a family as a single parent – struggling to make ends meet, AND the death of six family members in the last 10 years.

Today, we are living in a world requiring new courage, curiosity, compassion and commitment.

I made it through the prior two decades of financial crisis and health disasters and am dedicated to help you do it too!

Now, more than ever, showing up with influence to lead others requires collaboration, conviction and change.

Together, we can turnaround how to manage up, down and all around. The world demands innovation on how to grow our people and businesses strong again and we’re in this together!

Dr. Debra Dupree The Mindset Doc

Relationships at Work, Inc.

The power of connection, the gift of perspective, personal accountability, growing out of adversity, resilience, being proactive not reactive, acknowledge for PEAC performance...

Today’s organizations face many challenges. Problems existed before, but new challenges emerge in unprecedented ways. Emotions are running high along with FEAR of the unknown.

What does the new normal look like? One of the many gifts the team at Relationships at Work, Inc. brings to organizations is how to lead consciously now in ways that involve both the heart and brain.

We need this more than ever to create psychological safety to boost morale, productivity, and security by putting employees first – this will fast-forward in restoring the bottom line. We at Relationships at Work transform people and companies from fear and conflict to peace and profits.

We do that through our speaking, training, coaching, and mediating services and programs. All serve to bring the heart and brain together to help leaders and others create the psychological safety that people need to be productive and creative.

Start your customized journey with Dr. Dupree.

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80% of my clients reported that they reach a resolution in their cases twice as effectively than before working together. If you are a legal advocate or a mediator, let’s work together and shift your Litigation Mindset to a Mediation Mindset to bring efficient dispute solution services to your clients.


You will attract more clients and grow your business by implementing strategies and methodology that will satisfy both parties in dispute resolution.


You will enhance your reputation as a dispute resolution specialist by putting your clients first and learning new mediation techniques.

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