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Dr. Debra Dupree

The Mindset Doc

Having long been a pioneer in mediation with nearly 30 years of experience, Dr. Dupree started applying mediation strategies to workplace disputes in 1994

She expanded this expertise to family disputes in 2002 and has since been recognized as a behavioral science expert in family law matters. In 1999, she was selected by Dr. Dan Dana, founder of the Mediation Training Institute (MTI), out of a panel of mediator-trainers, to join him as the Director of Training in teaching legal and human resource professionals in the practice of workplace mediation.

She was recognized by the Federal Executive Board (FEB), Los Angeles in 2005 as “Super Mediator of the Year” for her dedication and service to training federal employees in the art of mediation.

Dr. D was President of ADR-San Diego and is now on the board of the Southern California Mediation Association. She brings all of this expertise to YOU through the Agile Lawyer | Mediator and The Agile Workplace programs.

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Of special importance for attorneys such as myself, Dr. Debra is especially skilled at helping lawyers to transition from the role of advocate to neutral with all of the nuances of that shift.

Susan Guthrie, Esq.

Founder & Principal at Learn to Mediate Online

Dr. Dupree has been making a difference in how employers can create a culture of respect and dignity for their employees when medical conditions impact their ability to be at work, stay at work and perform the work.

Felicia Amenta

San Diego County Schools Risk Management JPA

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